October 7, 2015

Dear Tobacco Supporter:
By now you have heard that the tobacco carve out language was inserted during the trade meeting in Atlanta this past weekend.

Please see our attached response to the congressional delegation regarding this issue. I have also included a link to our response below as well.

A few points about it as it stands today:

No one has seen the exact language yet, so we must assume it is not favorable.

USTR is “spinning” that it is good for US agriculture, especially livestock. Yet we hear reports that the dairy industry has concerns.

Reports are that other industries are expressing concerns such as biologics. If you read the media you get the impression that TPP is a “done” deal. It is not over. There are many steps that remain including congressional approval.

Now is the time to contact your elected officials and voice your concerns. Our NC delegation has been very strong in insisting to USTR that tobacco be included. We see no reason why they will abandon this position but it would be helpful for you to reassure them and thank them.

I have also attached a letter (and linked as well) sent by Commissioner Troxler. Many thanks for his leadership on this. He is correct that any deal that doesn’t include all of agriculture is not a good deal for agriculture.


Graham Boyd

TPP Memo Oct 2015 (pdf)

Commissioner Troxler letter to Deputy Secretary Harden (pdf)